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Abdominal Etching


What is abdominal etching?

Abdominal etching also known as six-pack surgery is a process that is based on the emergence of a distinct muscle appearance in the stomach in a very short time. Many people try to reach by doing intense sports and diet to provide this distinctive appearance in the abdominal muscles.


While some people may have a muscular body without intense effort, for others it can be quite difficult to have an athletic body because of their genetic factors. Our body stores most of its fat tissue in the abdomen and lumbar region. If you have stubborn excess fat in your belly and have not found a solution with sports and diet yet, abdominal etching is quite for you.


Who is the ideal candidate for abdominal etching? 

The ideal candidates for abdominal etching are those who, despite having a good physical form, a person with up to 20% body fat and preexisting muscle tissue, but who feels let down because he cannot attain six-pack.


However, the important point here is that your weight problem is regional. If you are struggling with obesity or if you have excess weight you need to lose weight, you can turn to options like tube stomach and stomach balloon, and then you can choose the operations that will shape your body.


Those persons who are thinking of having Six Pack surgery should maintain an appropriate diet and exercise since the duration of the surgical results depends on it.



In order to achieve the best results a person seeking this type of cosmetic surgery should have the following information ready during their abdominal etching consultation:

  • Surgical goals
  • Medicines you use
  • Medical conditions
  • Previous surgeries
  • Photographs of your abdomen

The patient should ask the doctor all his doubts regarding the procedure.


How Sixpack surgery is performed? 

In line with today's aesthetic values, muscle aesthetic surgeries are not just about removing excess fat; It is considered as a healthy, dynamic, fit, athletic, and muscular body design. By evaluating the muscle and fat tissue in the body, a customized muscle aesthetic surgery plan is made.


In its modern aesthetic mentality, a fit and athletic body is adopted, which is generally not compatible with a natural look and where only certain areas are shaped, but with generally compatible and distinct muscle masses.


This type of surgery, which will be performed by those who want a sportier body and want to reach the abdominal muscle in a shorter time, is performed quite easily.


Such operations that will provide the ability to shape oil and emulsion the oil are called painless liposuction; also this procedure is performed in a way that does not damage nerves or fats in any way.


Marking and Anesthesia

  • The first step to being performed in such aesthetic operations, which will be applied to people who will be under general or local anesthesia, will be to determine the locations of the muscles and to act accordingly.
  • During the surgery, small incisions are made within the natural contours of the abdomen, this helps minimize scarring.
  • With micro inputs, the vibration is given to certain areas where there is lubrication and the muscles do not show. The cannula emits ultrasound waves to dislodge the fat cells which allow for easier removal of fat cells. The self-evident fat layer is eliminated, allowing the muscles to be visible.


Procedure Risks

Abdominal etching surgery has some risks like other surgeries due to anesthesia and other things which include;

  • Infection,
  • Bleeding
  • Excessive scarring.


Advantages of Abdominal Etching Aesthetics

  • The technic is extremely practical,
  • No incision is made,
  • It is a painless procedure
  • The process with micro inputs, no scars left,
  • The healing process is short,
  • It provides you with abdominal muscles and aesthetic appearance in a very short time.



The surgery generally lasts about 1 hour. After the surgery, It is normal to be some swelling and bruising. A corset that is given to you must be worn for 4-5 weeks. You return your normal work schedule within 1 week and you can start to exercises within 3 weeks. The final result of surgery will be noticed within 6 months. 


The Six Pack procedure usually has a shorter recovery period than traditional liposuction, although this depends largely on each patient and the amount of fat removed. The patient must rest for at least ten days, limiting himself from performing activities that require physical strength.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have 6 packs after the operation?

Definitely! You will have “washboard abs”.


Will be there any marks left after abdominal etching?

Since we perform the operation with millimeter cannulas and there are no sutures, there is no surgical scar after the operation.


Is liposuction always needed?

Generally, yes. The lipoidosis parts will need to be removed by liposuction method. The method will be decided during your consultation.

Is abdominal etching permanent?

Abdominal etching is permanent because the body is unlikely to replace fat cells removed during the treatment. Ab etching is not intended to be a substitute for weight loss, and men who continue to implement a healthy diet and exercise routine experience the best results.

Is the procedure the same for both men and women?

While the procedure is similar for both genders, but men and women should be approached differently. If women want an athletic look, the technique is the same, but if they want to look sexy, it would be different. In general, the procedure is a little more invasive for men, because they often want more definition.

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