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After Hair Transplant
You may have pain in the evening after the surgery, and you can take painkillers. You should start the other medications given the day...
Hair Transplant in Winter
Many people think that hair transplantation in the winter will not be appropriate because of the concern that cold weather may damage hair follicles...
Hair Transplant Faqs
Is there any difference from natural hair after hair transplantation? Can I get the same result in two different centers?
Mommy Makeover
Pregnancy and motherhood are some of the most important milestones in a woman's life. The pregnancy process creates many changes in the body but also leads to some deformations.
Winter is The Best Season For Body Contouring
With the pandemic's effects, working home-office may have caused your body to be fat and disproportionate body contours....
Art Of Rhinoplasty
The nose, which is our respiratory and olfactory organ, pretty much affects the shape and appearance of our face aesthetically. Since it is such a distinct organ, it is one of the most preferred operations of plastic surgery.
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