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Breast Lift


Breast lift surgery also known as mastopexy is an operation in which breasts are reshaped and lifted by removing excess skin and tightening the tissue surrounding the breast contour. Breast lift surgery gives you a youthful appearance, younger and more upright breast profile.


There are several certain reasons that cause women's breasts to sag. This situation that is experienced in every woman is seen as a result of some lifelong situations.

1. Excessive weight gain and loss are among the most important factors that affect breast sagging.

2. Breast sagging may occur after the end of the breastfeeding period by pregnancy.

3. Gravity which is a factor for all people may cause breast sagging as a negative result on some women.

 Women who have big breasts are at a disadvantage concerning breast sagging is more common in them. Due to aging and weakening of the ligaments that hold the breast over time, breast sagging is felt more in large breasts.


What are the sagging structures of the breast? 

Mammary gland and fat tissue droop with the skin. The coopers that hold the breast to the pectoral muscle during sagging are loosened and lengthened. Since they have lost their former features, they will not be reinstated without operation.


What does breast lift surgery not fix? 

Breast lift surgery does not significantly change your chest size or rounded top. If you want your breasts to look fuller or smaller, you should review the breast enlargement or reduction surgeries within the options.


Who are the ideal candidates for a breast lift? 

Breasts which are the symbol of both beauty and motherhood for women, change genetically, or for some reason. Although various methods are used to prevent these, one of the most preferred is breast lift surgery.


Breast lift surgery is preferred due to the convenience and proficiency in surgical methods by present conditions. Breast lift surgery can be applied to women of all ages. But plastic surgeons usually wait until the development of the breast stops for an optimal time frame. Generally, middle-age women prefer surgery.


Before the surgery 

• Breast ultrasonography is required for patients under 40 years of age and mammography is required for patients over 40 years of age.

• Aspirin and its derivatives are discontinued one week before the operation. (Do not stop taking the medicine that you use regularly without consulting your doctor.)

• You should not smoke before and after the operation.

• Nothing should be eaten or drunk 6 hours before the operation


How is performed breast lift surgery? 

In the breast lift operation, the patient and the surgeon decide together for the most appropriate technique (Superior, Superolateral, or Inferior Pedicle) to obtain the best result. It is applied under general anesthesia. It takes about 3 hours.


The nipple and droopy breast tissue are reshaped, the nipple is replaced to normal, excess skin is removed. Depending on the sagging of the breast, there are vague traces in different shapes (such as a half-moon, circular, or a 4-5cm straight incision trace that goes down from the nipple).

If you want your breasts to look fuller, the breast lift and enlargement (silicone prosthesis) operation, if you want smaller breasts, the breast lift, and breast reduction can be applied to eliminate sagging. Scars occur at the beginning and become obscure over time.


After the surgery 

Usually, postoperative time passes comfortably. If breast prosthesis was used during the operation, there may be a limitation in arm movements for a few days. The wound is checked by opening the dressing after 2 days. The dressing is opened 7 days later. The patient must wear a sports bra for 6 weeks after the operation.


There may be swelling, numbness in the nipple, and pinkish discoloration on the skin. These disappear on their own in a short time in the early period. Depending on your job, you can return to your normal job within 3-4 days. It is recommended to stay away from heavy sports for 3 months.

The newly reshaped breasts will be durable for a long time. Aesthetic breast lift operation is generally an operation that gives good and permanent results, improves the mental health of the person and his spouse, and makes them more clung to life.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is a breast lift permanent? 

The results of breast lift surgery are permanent for many years unless there is excessive weight gain or loss and pregnancy does not happen. Since these surgeries are generally performed together with breast reduction or breast augmentation operations, the results obtained are even longer-term.


  • Does a breast lift make you smaller?

A breast lift will make your breasts look neither larger or smaller, only perkier. They will be essentially the same size also since the only thing removed is a small amount of skin.


  • Can breast muscle exercises improve breast sagging? 

Breast tissue is connected to the pectoral muscle with ligaments which is called cooper. Strengthening the pectoral muscles does not affect the breast tissue ligaments, unfortunately. Therefore, sagging ligaments cannot be restored by sports or different activities.

  • What is the “21 cm rule” in breast lift operations? 

The 21 cm rule is a measurement standard in breast lift. If the measure between the nipple and the neck pit is 21 cm is regarded as the ideal ratio. This golden measure rule which is determined as 21 cm for a standard size may vary between 18-22 cm according to the length and the length of the rib cage.


  • Does breast aesthetics disrupt breastfeeding function? 

The most common operation that we face with the questions and problems of breastfeeding function is breast reduction surgery. Because we take some of the mammary glands during the operation, there is a risk in this surgery. However, it is not as many as it is believed in society. The risk is not as much as it was thought. The results of recent research are in this direction.

  • How should perfect symmetry be in breasts? 

The two breasts can't be the same size and feature due to structural and many factors. For this reason, getting the nearest measurement between the two breasts is considered as perfect symmetry.


  • Can breast lift combine with other breast aesthetics? 

Yes, it can be applied singly or it can be combined with a breast implant or breast augmentation operations.



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