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Hollywood Smile


Your mouth, your teeth, and your smile are the first things that people notice about you. Having clean and aesthetic teeth is very important to impress the other person.

Hollywood smile is the ideal smile design for you, obtained by using bleaching, orthodontics, veneers together. Hollywood smile, also known as smile aesthetics, gives a more attractive clean and healthy appearance in the mouths.

Factors to be used when designating the aesthetic smile expression that suits you:

  • Face features
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Smile symmetry
  • Teeth color
  • Lip
  • Gum

First of all, smile design starts by deciding which geometric figure suits to your facial feature. Male and female anatomy are different from each other. Facial features are sharper and more prominent in men.

Women faces are softer, the nose and eyebrow arches are more subtle. There is the same parallelism in teeth. The lines on the person's face contains the codes in which form the tooth should be chosen.

There are three different applications of Hollywood smile that are made on demand.

1. Attractive Smile 

With this smile, the goal is to give a younger appearance by restoring the old structure of the front teeth that wear out over time.

2. Intellectual Smile 

With this smile, the goal is to give a mature appearance to a person, and the lengths of the teeth are equalized.

3. Sportive Smile 

The goal of this smile is to give the person a sincere and warm expression. The middle teeth are slightly longer than the lateral incisors.

How is Hollywood smile performed? 

Hollywood smile can be achieved with laminates, glass-ceramic full crowns, zirconium-based porcelains, metal-supported prostheses, and implant applications. Generally, lamina, full ceramic crowns, and zirconia are used. Thin ceramics that will only be glued on the teeth reach you to both getting aesthetic teeth and protect the tooth surfaces from effects such as breaking, decay, and wear. For those who decide on the laminate, the following steps are followed.


  • First of all, the patient's dentition and jaw structure are analyzed and a model for teeth is created.
  • The ideal tooth form is created and computerized.
    Dental prototypes are created in line with the data.
  • Prototypes are attached to the person's teeth and it is checked how the teeth look.
  • If the person satisfies these prototypes, real teeth are completed in 7-10 days.


How is Hollywood smile design done? 

Before planning, first the necessary sizes are measured from the patient's mouth. The patient's mouth and face measurements are computerised. In this way, a smile aesthetics are designed inline with the patient's facial features. Thus, the desired appearance after aesthetics, is realistically presented to the patient. The patient's opinions gotten and preformed in line with their expectations.

After the planning is done, if there is a need for orthodontic treatment, it must be done first. Then the disorders in the gumlines are corrected. In cases of tooth loss, implant procedures and other necessary surgical interventions are performed.

After the recovery time of surgical applications is completed, tooth whitening procedures are applied if needed. After this stage, the visual and formal defects in the teeth are sometimes eliminated by aesthetic composite fillings. When this method is not sufficient, porcelain laminate and zirconium veneers get involved.

Porcelain laminate veneers application is the process that is formed by gluing the tooth crowns to the surface which is formed by thinning only the front faces of 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting the teeth. If porcelain or zirconium applications are deemed necessary, some changes can be made by getting the patient's opinions in the rehearsals. During all these gingival and dental interventions and rehearsals, lip shape and contour are also taken into consideration and the aimed design is finalized.

How long does the Hollywood smile process take? 

Firstly, gum diseases are treated for Hollywood Smile. Missing teeth are completed with implants. The laminate porcelain process takes 5-10 days depending on the number of teeth to be coated, and 7-14 days if it is coated with zirconium porcelain. So, it is not possible to give a certain time to have a Hollywood smile.


What are the advantages of Hollywood smile aesthetics? 

Aesthetic problems that occur as a result of a decayed tooth, gum diseases, crooked teeth, abnormal coloring, and tooth loss can negatively affect the social life of people. Besides, it may even cause people to stop laughing in public, causing self-confidence deficiencies. A beautiful smile will give the person psychological strength while at the same time, it will create a better impression on other people.

  • At the end of the smile design treatment, the person has the most natural-looking smile that best suits her facial features.
  • There will be a big increase in the self-confidence of the person who starts the smile with smoother, white, and bright teeth.
  • Color differences on the teeth, are prevented and a healthier appearance is obtained, and any breaks or cracks on the tooth surface are repaired.
  • After the interventions performed on the gums, the level of the gums, which have a healthy pink color, is brought to the desired size. Thus, the unwanted gum appearance is eliminated at the time of smile.
  • The harmonious appearance between teeth, gums, and lips also helps the general appearance of the person.


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