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Breast Reduction


As small breasts disturb some women, and sometimes large breasts can have negative sides for a woman. Women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, as well as aesthetic appearance, besides, it causes problems such as shoulder, back, and arm pain in the breast.  

Because of this, the fact that women may have health problems over time, breast reduction operations is preferred. Women with a large and sagging breast consult to plastic surgeons for other health reasons besides aesthetic appearance thought.



The most common problems that experienced by women with extremely large breasts are:

• Shoulder, back, and skeletal pain

• Hump

• Numbness in the arms due to excessive pressure on the bra

• Labored breathing

• The person does not like herself and feels ugly due to not finding suitable clothes and after all occurring social and psychological problems.

• Also, rashes may occur under the breast. These rashes cause a bad smell. Due to reek of around, her social and sexual life can be in trouble.

• Having large and remarkable breasts, can also cause social problems especially for young girls.


How and why the breast hurt? 

Shoulder, back, and arm pain are frequently encountered because of the heavy breast and compression of the bra. The main purpose of breast reduction surgery is to have smaller, more shaped, and suitable breasts.

Also, it can cause vertebral and neck pain. Also, for a woman, large breasts lead up to have posture disorders. In such cases, women can have their desired breast size with breast reduction surgery.


Who is the ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery? 

  • If you have back and neck pain and are having trouble with rashes and irritations under the nipples
  • If your nipples are drooping down due to your breasts are very large and heavy
  • If your one breast is bigger than the other
  • If you feel unhappy because of the size of your breast, you may be a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery.



The success of this surgical intervention depends on you to clearly explain your expectations during the consultation with your doctor and to get detailed information from your doctor.  Firstly, you must say how is your desired breast.


Discuss to your doctor about potential risks and complications, as well as my possible consequences. Do not forget to inform your doctor that the drugs which are allergic to you, your current chronic disease, the drugs you use, the cancer stories in your family. Your doctor will examine you and check over your skin quality and the position of your nipples and degree of sagging.


How is performed breast reduction surgery? 

The operation takes 2-3 hours depending on the size of the breast and is performed under general anesthesia. The new point where the nipple is will come marked. During the operation, the skin around the nipple is removed.

Excess breast and fat tissue on both sides are removed and weighed. The nipple is adapted higher where will be its new place. The breasts are shaped and checked for symmetry. If necessary, liposuction is made in places with fullness.

After placing drains on both breasts as a safety measure, the skin is closed with stitches. Bandages are adhered to and taken to the patient's room with a shaper special bra.

The patient is hospitalized overnight. After surgery pain is almost non-existent. There is no need to remove stitches as the melted stitch is used. Bandages are changed after 3 days.

It is desirable to use a special bra for 6 weeks after the operation. The patient can return to daily life within 2-3 weeks. The person should stay away from jobs that require weight lifting and excessive activity for up to 6 weeks, and also should not smoke.

The technique which will be used in the surgery is chosen most properly for the patient. Whichever technique is used, it should be known that scars will loom up after surgery. Also, the scars vary according to the patient's skin structure and used technique.


Before the surgery

Getting mammography before breast reduction surgery is important in terms of whether the drugs to be used during surgery and anesthesia will have side effects on the body. If you have used medicines previously, should be told to the doctor who will operate.

Also, if you use aspirin and similar drugs, it should be stopped before a week's surgery. Since smoking harms the healing process, it should be stopped before and after surgery.


After the surgery 

After the breast reduction surgery, the redness in the places where the surgery is performed becomes white over time. With whitening, the scars will become almost imperceptible.  After the operation, you should remain under observation for at least 2 or 3 days. You will need to wear a backed bra for up to 10 weeks.

A great majority of patients, there is a symptomatic relief after breast reduction surgery, a more active lifestyle is achieved, and will be a significant increase in quality of life is experienced. Breast reduction surgery is an operation with a high degree of satisfaction for the patient.


Frequently Asked Questions   

  • How Much Should Breasts Be Downsized During Breast Reduction Surgery?

During the examination, you may want it to smaller more than usual because you are tired of your breasts. It should be remembered that in the female body, the breast is an important contour. For your body to look proportional, we recommend that you ask for a normal size breast.


  • Will the scar permanent after surgery?

This situation varies according to the method that is recommended by your surgeon. Although the scars are permanent, they will become indeterminate significantly over time with good scar care. Doctors make every endeavor to minimize the scars to achieve the desired results.


  • Where will be the scars in the breast reduction surgery?

It is dependent according to the method which is chosen during your examination. How the incision methods are applied is a very technical subject.


  • Are breast reduction surgery results permanent?

If you do not lose a significant amount of weight or if there is no pregnancy, your results will remain for a long time.


  • What are the possible harms of breast reduction surgery?

Complications such as bleeding and infection, which can be seen in every surgery, are also valid in breast reduction surgery. You should know that the loss of sensation that may occur in the nipples is natural. This situation may improve spontaneously for up to 1 year. The healing process of the wounds can also vary from person to person, depending on the medical characteristics of the person and whether they smoke.


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