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Body Aesthetics

Butt Aesthetics
Butt aesthetics is a kind of buttock lifting and enhancement operation that allows the hips to look young, natural, and more fit.
This operation is especially applied to the areas where stubborn lipoidosis are exist such as buttocks, hips, abdomen, waist, knees and regional excess fat are seen.
Thigh Lift
When people lose too weight, had pregnancy and with the advancement of their age, it is inevitable to fat and sagging appearance will occur in thigh area.
Tummy Tuck
This type of surgery is for candidates who can not reach an ideal flat stomach despite exercising, wants a sportier body, and wants to reach the smoother belly in a shorter time.
Arm Lift
. You can strengthen your arms with arm-stretching exercises, but unfortunately, you cannot remove these existing elasticity and fat deposits and even excess skin.
Abdominal Etching
Our body stores most of its fat tissue in the abdomen and lumbar region. If you have stubborn excess fat in your belly and have not found a solution with sports and diet yet, abdominal etching is quite for you.
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