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Our Mission

As Istanbul Lipo Clinic, the satisfaction of our patients and their relatives is our most important value and mission. In line with the budgets that we devote to quality and continuous development, we always strive to increase our performance criterions and provide a little more all the time.


What Are Our Partnership Terms?

First of all, you must have a human network in which you will create aesthetic demand in your country. You must have good communication skills to human network around you. You must have a company or have a large portfolio of people. You must have a marketing team to find customers.

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Why should I become a partner?

  • In this system, you do not need to pay very high prices to acquire a franchise.
  • It is a continuous and constantly growing sector.
  • You will use a present system with the confidence of working with doctors and professional team who have many years of experience in the sector.
  • You can easily include your customers to the system.
  • All you have to do is increase your number of customers.


Global Aesthetic Surgery Statistics

  • In the world, 87.4 percent of 22 million aesthetics were had by women and 12.6 percent were had by men in 2018. The most had aesthetic operation in the world is breast aesthetics which is performed by 1,841,098 people, followed by liposuction with 1,732,620 people.
  • Istanbul Lipo Clinic provides the 7 of the top mostly performed 10 treatments which are performed by plastic surgeons.

*Source: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), 2018 International Aesthetic / Cosmetic Procedures Survey results


Health Tourism Advantages of Turkey

  • Education; Turkey has made significant investments in the health sector in the last 50 years.  Highly qualified and successful doctors trained with the arrangements that has brought to the education system.
  • Technology; Turkey integrates rapidly into new technologies. Hospitals are also invested to high quality devices.
  • Price Advantage; Compared with European countries, treatment, accommodation, and transfers are made in the treatment package  with significant price advantages in Turkey.
  • Hospital Quality; In addition to the high sickbed capacities of the hospitals that has developed as a result of the importance given to health care in Turkey, hospital rooms are as comfortable as hotels both in terms of design and comfort.
  • Geography; Turkey's proximity to both the Middle East and European countries as  geographical location plays an important role in destination preferences.
  • Climate; Turkey has a great importance in recovery for the motivation of both patients and other patients who need rehabilitation of positive environmental conditions accourding to having a climate that can be easily visited 4 season.


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