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Hair Transplant Faqs


Is there any difference from natural hair after hair transplantation?

Yes. Your normal hair around the transplanted grafts may become thinner, or temporary hair loss may occur. This situation is seen as existing hair loss in the transplantation area. It ends in about two months, and it gets better by itself. Temporary hair loss and thinning of existing hair are called “Telogen Effluvia”. Patients should not bother with it because as the new hair grows, the whole problem disappears.


Can I get the same result in two different centers?

The experience of surgeons, the direction of transplantation, transplanting without damaging the graft, leaving the graft outside, the solution feature where the grafts are left out, and the graft/transplantation area ratio (density) is decisive in this regard. The success and experience of the surgical team who will perform the surgery should be high.


What should be done before hair transplantation?

The patients should avoid the drugs that can increase bleeding. Aspirin, Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, vitamin E or any other herbal product should not be used one week before the surgery. Patients with a history of heart diseases, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, bypass surgery, or operative operation should give medical information to the doctor. Therefore, if the patient is using any medication to control bleeding, they should not use it for a while under the doctor's consultation. Diabetic patients can have hair transplantation, but the patients whose blood sugar levels are high should be controlled. Thyroid disorders, especially in patients with low thyroid hormone levels, affect the success of transplantation. If you have thyroid disease, your hormone levels should be within normal limits. You shouldn't drink alcohol three nights before the surgery. On the morning of the surgery, you should wash your hair and go to the clinic with a good breakfast.


What is the transplanted hair growth rate?

There is no expert or method/technique to answer this question. It is impossible to count hair growth one by one. According to our experience, the extension of the graft rate is about 90-95%; at the apex, this rate goes down to 70-75%.


How a good surgical hair transplant team should be?

Three things to look for in a skilled surgeon;

• A transplant that provides a natural appearance at first sight and can not easily perform

• No scars after surgery

• Maximum hair density after surgery (50-60% of normal hair density), and natural appearance

How can I have hair transplant surgery?

It depends on the width of the hair loss area. If the transplant area is completely bald, 2-sessions will be fine and dense (50% of normal hair density). Each targeted session increases the intensity rate up to 25%-35%. In other words, intensive hair transplantation on 50% - 60% of the hair will be perfect in two sessions. The interval between two sessions should be at least 40 days to 6 months, depending on the method.

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