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Winter is The Best Season For Body Contouring


With the pandemic's effects, working home-office may have caused your body to be fat and disproportionate body contours. You can get rid of the negative impacts of working home-office, inactivity, and cannot go to the gym, and you can welcome the summer with a fit and healthy body by aesthetich operations.If you are considering liposuction or different body contouring procedures to improve your body contours, you can tighten your sagging tissues, and you can get the bikini body you desire this season. Here are the 5 reasons why winter is the best time for aesthetic operations;


1.The winter months are extremely suitable for the healing process.

Most of us demand extra time for a vacation. However, if you plan your operation in the winter, you will not need to increase your time from the holiday. For example, if you think about mommy makeover and have children going to school, you can choose January. Thus, when your children return to school after the semester break, you can have a more comfortable rest at home.


2. When the weather gets colder, the healing process would be easy.

Following many body contouring procedures, you need to wear a corset for several weeks to support your results and control your swelling. Especially in summer, these clothes keep you warm and cause you to sweat. However, these functions can consider as a kind of thermal underwear during the winter months. Another advantage of cool weather is that the swelling can control easily because your body is not working very hard to dissipate the heat.

3. Winter clothes are very suitable for hiding your healing process.

For example, if you have had an arm lift surgery, your sweaters will cover the scars of surgery more comfortably than your suspended clothes. That is also true for many body contouring procedures. At the same time, your healing process will progress healthier because you won't be exposed to the sun, and your incision areas won't be exposed.


4. With body shaping procedures, your body is ready for the summer.

After liposuction or tummy tuck operations, you need to wait a few months for the full result. If you plan your operation day in this direction, your body will be healed when the summer season comes. Thus, you can have the opportunity to show your body without any restrictions - such as special clothing you need to wear for swelling.


5. You can welcome the new year with your new size.

Consider the most common decisions you make for the new year; Like eating healthier, sleeping patterns, and keep to an exercise program. It is essential to adopt these habits, but body shaping procedures will produce concordantly results with those habits. Moreover, these procedures will bring definite results for a tighter and better-looking body. It has been observed that patients who add liposuction or cool sculpting to their fat loss goals are more motivated during the post-operative diet and exercise phase.



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