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Are you an apple or a pear ?


The areas where fat accumulates in your body are very important for your health and appearance. "Pear(gynecoid)" if your hips are more prominent and your upper body is weaker; If your legs are thinner than your body, it means you have the body shape defined as "apple type(android)".


  • Apple does not turn into a pear, and pear does not turn into an apple either without surgery.
  • Body type does not change. Replacing fat cells is only possible with fat transfer. Being aware of this, attention should be paid to local slimming traps. In slimming diets, almost the excess in the body will burn the most fat from that region. For this reason, it would not be right to talk about a diet that only shrinks the hips or only exercises that burn the belly.


Apple namely masculine body lines. 

For women with this type of body lines;

• Hip side roundness is indistinct. There are no folds, it has a flat appearance. There may be dimples on the sides of the buttocks.

• The waist is thick. Since the hips are narrow and straight, there is no hourglass appearance.

• The abdomen is usually prominent.

• Breasts are usually large.

If the weight for height is normal, the abdominal and breast tissue is not too large. Legs and arms are thin. The body becomes very distinct compared to the leg and arm. The breasts get bigger, the belly gets fat and moves forward.


What should be done for women with this body type?

• If the breasts are large, the size of them can be reduced to a suitable size for the rib cage with breast reduction surgery.

• By applying liposuction to the waist and abdomen, the waist can be thinned all around.

• By injecting the fat taken into the buttocks and hips with fat injection, the patient can achieve more feminine, rounded, and curved lines.

Pear namely feminine body lines.

For women with this type of body lines;

• The hip is very prominent curved to the side or back. Generally, these ladies are very satisfied if they are not too big.

• The butt is big and round.

• The waist is thin. It has an hourglass appearance because it also has a hip curve.

• The breasts are not too big.

• Upper legs are generally thick.

If the weight for height is normal, the breasts are mostly small. It is possible to achieve proportional feminine lines even with breast augmentation alone.

What should be done for women with this body type?

• If the breasts are small for the size and rib cage, they can be enlarged.

• The hip can be reduced by liposuction in a proportion appropriate to the waist.

• The upper legs can be slightly thinned by taking fat from the inner part of the upper legs and or the inner part of the knee.

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