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Things to be considered in hair transplant


Hair transplantation is one of the most popular operations of recent years. Communication between the patient and the doctor who will perform hair transplantation is very important. The degree of hair loss in the person to be transplanted is taken into account and the most natural results are achieved by transplanting with the maximum number of grafts.


Highlights in the hair transplant procedure 

1- Elasticising the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted in one session according to the person's need.

2- Determination of the areas where grafts will be taken.

3- Natural and aesthetic designing and drawing of the front hairline and showing the estimated result to the patient.

4- Determining the area to be planted and planting the grafts by distributing them at appropriate angles.

5-The number of grafts to be transplanted: depends on the density of the hair in the donor area, the size of the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken, the hair follicles taken from single or multiple hair roots.


Things to must be considered in hair transplant: 

Hairline: The hairline should be clarified with the person. It should be in concordance with the boundaries on the face and should be evaluated within certain rules in terms of aesthetics.


Size and depth of the micro canals where the grafts are planted: The incision should be as small as possible on the one hand, and large enough to match the size of the follicular unit on the other hand. Thus, after the hair transplantation process, the adaptation of the follicles to the recipient points is facilitated and the interruption of the blood circulation in the recipient area is minimized.


The angle and direction of the channels: Since the channels opened will determine the direction in which the hair to be planted will grow, they are placed in the skin in the direction of the original hair. Thus, hair growth is provided in the right direction after hair transplantation.


The success of hair transplantation is measured by two criteria; natural and intense look. "Natural appearance" means hair looks like transplantation is not done. Hair transplantation with the FUE method gives very good results when done by a professional and experienced team.


Intense look: Intensity depends on the following factors as well as the number of grafts transplanted:

• Thinning or alopecia: If there is some original hair in the donor area, the intensity increases with a single session.

• Thickness of hair strands: The dense appearance increases in those with thicker hair.

• Hair color: Dark hair gives a more intense appearance than light hair.

• Scalp color: If the color of the hair is closer to the color of the scalp, it looks more intense.

• Hair structure: Curly and wavy hair looks denser than straight hair.

• Short hair: If the hair is not kept too short, it provides a more intense look and coverage. The most ideal people for the highest success in a hair transplant session;  men with Norwood type 3,4,5 and thinning, whose hair is dark and thick, and who keep their hair at an average length.


The most important factor in hair transplant is the quality of the medical team. You must choose the clinic that is experienced and focused on patient satisfaction. Also, you should prepare yourself psychologically. After the hair transplantation, you will see a big change. You will have different look from that you’ve many years. And, you will be beautiful all too often!


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