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Leg Aesthetic Problems 

Leg Aesthetic Problems 


  1. 1- Leg Curvature 

It is a problem that usually bothers women. Because the trousers are not narrow and the skirts are used long, this situation is tried to be hidden. For those who care about the selection of clothes in the summer season, it probably does not seem enjoyable.

Our Advice; 

There is a solution with leg aesthetics. You can get rid of this problem in your leg by using your fat tissue with a local or general anesthetic fat injection. If you think that the fat is taken from the waist or abdomen, it is like a gift besides body thinning. Some prostheses contain silicone for solving this problem. But we do not recommend it, it is not more successful than fat injection according to the response and impressions.


2 – Inner Thigh Fat: 

It's like walking with a pillow between two legs. Also, chafing in your legs as you walk causes irritation. Those who have this problem are not good at wearing skirts. They get rid of the trouble by covering these cushions with the pants fabric. Unfortunately, it is still a restriction. The regional fat deposition that disturbs overweight people is the groin.

Our Advice; 

If the elasticity of the skin is good, removing fat from that area with a special liposuction method makes the person quite comfortable. It can be done under general or local anesthesia. After that, the corset should be worn for 1 month. Meanwhile, strengthening the inner leg muscles with walking and in-leg exercises increases the success of the results.

3-Inner Thigh Sagging Skin: 

The most common reason is weight loss and aging. It causes problems similar to leg fat deposition. It is evaluated according to the rate of lipoidosis and sagging.

Our Advice; 

If the sagging rate is not high, the excess skin is removed by a little scar that will be placed on the bikini line. If the sagging is excessive, it is necessary to remove the upper leg skin that extends into the knee. It is inevitable to form a straight line between the legs. It is not difficult for many people to accept this line to get rid of the torment that we have described above.


4-Thickness In Lower Leg: 

The lower leg thickness is mostly genetic. First of all, the presence of vascular diseases that cause circulatory problems such as varicose veins should be investigated.

Alt bacak kalınlığı çoğunlukla genetiktir. Öncelikle varis gibi dolaşım problemi yapan damar hastalıklarının varlığı araştırılmalıdır.

Our Advice; 

If the reason for thickness is fat deposition, the legs can be thinned by removing fat from the calf area with a special technique. Afterward, corset usage is required for 1 month. It helps to eliminate the edema in a short time when the massages that perform lymph drainage are started after 3 weeks. Walking which benefits the whole body is also very effective in reducing edema by accelerating circulation.


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