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False Facts About Breast Aesthetics


1. False: Silicone prostheses have to be changed every 10 years

Fact: 5th generation prostheses are used in breast augmentation operations. The feature of these latest-generation prostheses is that the gel layer inside maintains the shape of the prosthesis. Problems such as deformity and silicone leakage due to deformation of the prosthesis in the breast are rarely encountered in prostheses that maintain their shape. There is no expiry date of the prosthesis in operations where the latest generation implants are used.


2. False: Women cannot breastfeed after the breast aesthetic surgery

Fact: In breast augmentation, implants are placed under the mammary gland, which contains the lactiferous ducts of the breast. And in some cases, the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle or the membrane covering the muscle under this gland. Therefore, there is nothing that prevents breastfeeding. Breast lift is performed by using breast tissue in women with enough breast size. For the women who have small breasts, The implants are placed, and then lifting is performed. Both situations do not prevent breastfeeding. However, if the breast is too large, the connection between the nipple and the mammary glands cannot be preserved in so few women. These women cannot breastfeed.


3. False: Too many scars after breast reduction surgery

Fact: The most important thing aimed at breast reduction surgery is to achieve a breast size compatible with the woman's body. The scar after the reduction operation can be minimized with various creams and silicone gels. There is a scar in the form of a straight line around the nipple and towards the lower breast. This scar can become vague to appear over time. Patients who demand breast reduction are among the group that leaves the happiest in aesthetic operations.


4. False: No need a mammogram in terms of breast cancer before breast aesthetics

Fact: Contrary to the popular belief, it is necessary to question whether there is a history of breast cancer in the families of all women who want to have breast aesthetics. A pre-operative mammogram is required for women over the age of 35. The advantage of wanting this; To enable them to compare future mammograms with the mammography findings they had before surgery. Besides, through pre-operative mammography, it is prevented to miss a cancer case that could be caught by chance.

5. False: Leaking occurs when the prothesis become wear

Fact: In the prostheses filled with saline solution, which were used almost more than 10-15 years ago, leakage was more common than the silicone prostheses used today. Since it was full of liquid, asymmetries could be understood more clearly after the leak. These prostheses can be replaced with the latest generation silicone gel implants for women who still have these old implants. In the 5th generation implants used today, leakage can be seen, although it is much less than the old prostheses. However, since the capsule of the implant is stronger, a leakage called "silent rupture" and remaining in the outer capsule of the silicone prosthesis can be seen. Rarely, it leaks beyond this capsule and into the breast.


6. False: As a patient, I can choose the shape of my silicone prosthesis (round or teardrop)

Fact: The shape of the prosthesis; should be chosen by the plastic surgeon according to breast size and shape, the structure of the rib cage, lifestyle, and whether the woman is a professional athlete. The shape and size of the implant to be placed in a woman with a sagging breast after breastfeeding, and a woman who has not breastfed, whose breast structure is different, must be different from each other.

7. False: I can have breasts like the woman I saw in a magazine

Fact: Aesthetic surgeries or interventions should be planned by each woman's face or body. Therefore, the size of the prosthesis to be placed in a woman with a height of 1.45 cm and a woman with a height of 1.80 cm cannot be the same. Surgical intervention; is planned according to breast shape, whether the woman has a breast disease in her family, her body structure, and whether she has given birth or not.


8. False: I had breast augmentation, so my breasts won't sag in the future

Fact: Breast “cup” size in women with B cup and above have a certain proportion of breast tissue, although the location of the prosthesis does not change with age, the breast tissue can sag over the implant. Sagging may not be seen in very small breasts. In case of sagging, it is necessary to lifting.



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