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Regional Fat Deposition Reasons

Regional Fat Deposition Reasons

• Irregular eating habits:

It is not healthy to be hungry for a long time. Skipping meals, consuming less food than it should be, eating high-fat foods such as eating one type of food and french fries causes regional lipoidosis.

• Excessive oil consumption:

Excess energy in the body is stored as fat in the body. Also, the energy of fatty foods is high. Therefore, excessive oil consumption creates regional fat.

  • Alcohol consumption:

Frequently and excessive alcohol consumption increases the amount of lubrication, especially in the abdomen. Besides, relish food consumption such as french fries with alcohol causes more calories.

             For such reasons, regions with regional fattening may sometimes not respond to diet and exercise. In this case, surgical intervention such as Liposuction is required. In the liposuction procedure, an incision is made from the underwear area. In this way, special cannulas with holes are delivered to the region where stubborn fat is present. These stubborn fats are taken out of the body with the help of a medical functional device. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The patient does not feel anything. This surgery is only an operation that offers solutions to regional weights. It is not suitable for a large weight loss process. This procedure helps to redefine the body contours.

            Women prefer this operation especially to get rid of the excess in the hip areas. The regions where this operation is degreased are; It gives successful results on the inner surfaces of the hips, waist, abdomen, neck, upper arms, upper legs, and knees. Men can go into this procedure to get results for breasts.


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