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Weight Loss Without Surgery Swallowable Intragastric Balloon

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What is a swallowable intragastric balloon?

There is no anesthesia, no endoscopy, no surgery. A glass of water is enough for a swallowable stomach balloon. Losing weight is just that easy. 'Swallowable Stomach Balloon' which is one of the biggest revolutions about slimming treatments in the world,  is a procedure that can be performed without surgery, endoscopy, and anesthesia. The swallowable intragastric gastric balloon method is the only one in the world and it is also common in Turkey.


It is quite effective for the people who want to lose weight quickly in a short time

The intragastric balloon helps you feel full and lose weight more quickly by limiting the amount that you can eat. It is a good option when diet and exercise don't work.


A swallowable stomach balloon helps to lose 20% of your weight in 4 months, besides, surgical intervention is not required to remove the balloon, it is removed from the body enterally. As a result of this process, intra-abdominal fat is greatly reduced.


In addition to the Swallowable Intragastric Balloon, weight loss of up to 25-30 kg can be achieved with a diet and behavioral therapy suitable for the person under the control of a dietician.


1. Peroral 

A silicon balloon is packed into a capsule. The patient swallows the capsule that is attached to a thin pipe. The capsule is extended in the stomach by 550mL of fluid pumped through the pipe. The pipe is withdrawn leaving the filled bag in place.


2. Short time procedure without anesthesia 

The procedure lasts about 10 minutes. There is no need for anesthesia.


3. 4 months process 

The bag has an in-built release valve that is activated after 4 months.


4. Removal process 

The balloon deflates and is passed out from the digestive system.


Advantages Avantajlar

  • No surgery 

There is no need for any incision. It helps weight loss without surgery. There is a minimum of interruption in daily life.


  • Side Effect: Minimum 

In other gastric balloon applications, due to the high amount of nausea, 30-40% is removed from the procedure in 24-28 hours, while this rate is 1% in the swallowable intragastric balloon.


  • Refusable 

No changes are made to the human anatomy unlike procedures such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.


Is the swallowable intragastric balloon safe? 

The procedure is safe. It has severe side effects but the incidence of other complications, except nausea and vomiting, is very low in the first 2-3 days after the procedure. Also, it is the most ideal method for patients who are afraid of anesthesia.


Why the balloon is deflated after 4 months? 

According to some researches; a large amount of weight loss is occurred for the first 3 months of balloon use, and did not significantly contribute to the total weight loss of the balloon after 4 months.


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