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Combination of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Combination of Plastic Surgery Procedures

1- Breast aesthetics and abdominal abdominoplasty

It is the most common plastic surgery combination. Mostly breast lift and tummy tuck are performed together. In the meantime, if the amount of breasts is disproportionate with the body, breast augmentation or breast reduction can be done simultaneously.


• Kill two birds with one stone: two procedures by one operation

• Two surgeries that positively affect each other: The upper abdomen looks more beautiful with the lifting of the chest. While the abdomen is corrected, an upright breast proportional to the abdomen is obtained. Thus, more proportional body lines are achieved.

2- Liposuction and abdominoplasty

In women whose excess fat is stored around the waist, it can be taken from the upper abdomen and waist together with a tummy tuck.

Its advantages:

• When the excess fat in the upper abdomen and waist is removed, the waist becomes thinner. Your abdomen gets a more aesthetic appearance.

• More tissue as weight is removed from the body.

3- Liposuction and breast reduction

It is common for women who have large breasts, have high lubrication in the upper arm. While the breasts are shrinking, removing excess fat and arm stretching can be done together. After the operation,  the breasts and arm will smaller, the difficulty of buying a shirt suitable for the body is eliminated.


• Kill two birds with one stone: As the breasts shrink, they become thinner on the arm in the same surgery.

• With breast reduction, the person whose breast is shrunk gets thinner, comfortable, and aesthetic appearance.

4- Liposuction and bum lift

Less prominence in butt tissue is generally interdependent with waist thickness. This is a genotype. The jeans suit these ladies very well, but they should pay attention to the dress selection. To increase the femininity of the body lines, the waist can be thinned by removing fat from the waist. By the way, the fat can be used to make the butt plumper.


• Kill two birds with one stone: At the same time, the waist becomes thinner, butt becomes plump.

• To fill the butt, one's tissues are used. It is both healthier and less costly.

• When the waist is thinned, simplicity, the butt is already looked plump. And when the fat from the waist transferring to the butt, the result will be even better.

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