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Psychological Trauma  Of Small Breasts In Women 

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Psychological Trauma  Of Small Breasts In Women 

Since the breasts are seen as a symbol of femininity, breast perception is seriously damaged in women whose small breasts in their subconscious. This situation negatively affects their psychology and social life. The most important thing is the fear of dislike and accordingly establishing unhealthy relationships.  As a result, marriages are delayed unwittingly or unhappiness occurs in marriage. For a woman, big enough and sharp breasts both increase self-confidence in the person and create great freedom for clothes selection.

However, most women do not have the ideal size and complain that their breasts are large, small, or saggy. Women who prefer breast reduction or enlargement surgery, generally comment, "I should have been earlier" after surgery. Breast operations are among the most preferred aesthetic surgeries in the world.

Currently, the prevailing method for breast augmentation is breast augmentation surgery with silicone prosthesis. The used prostheses are guaranteed and do not need to be replaced. Women who have had a breast prosthesis can get pregnant and breastfeed, there is no harmful side effects have been detected. The biggest advantage is that the breasts can be enlarged in the desired size and form, and results are permanent.


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