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Myths & Facts About Liposuction 

Myths & Facts About Liposuction 

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Besides liposuction is very popular, there are also false myths that many patients tend to believe about the procedure. In this article, we have compiled the false facts about liposuction.

False Fact 1 : It helps weight loss 

One of the biggest reasons  that people follow this procedure is because they think it will help a significant amount of weight loss in their body. However, after the procedure is completed most patients loss fat only 3 to 5 pounds. Accourdingly, most candidates for liposuction are within 30 percent of their healthy weight ranges. This  procedure is only aimed to eliminating stubborn fats that cannot be burned during the entire weight loss process and exercises.

False Fact 2 : It is not a permanent solution for fat loss 

The fat that is removed during the procedure never reappear. This fat  moves away from your body throughout the rest of your life. If you keep to healthy eating program and exercise after the procedure, the fat that still you have in your body will not look like shapeless.


False Fact 3 : It gets rid of cellulite 

Unfortunately, it doesn't help to getting rid of cellulite. This is because cellulite is formed by the combination of many factors, such as the connective tissue in the skin or problems with the expansion of subcutaneous fat growth. Liposuction cannot change these tissues appearance in any way, rather it reduces the volume of fat cells. There are other procedures that can treat cellulite better, so choosing liposuction for cellulites would be unavailing.

False Fact 4 : It is a dangerous operation 

Every surgical operations have risk factors. Liposuction techniques have become quite sophisticated. If it is performed by an experienced and certified surgeon and if the patient follows the rules what they need to do after surgery, it would be successful and as safe as any other surgeries.


False Fact 5 : It is only for women 

Liposuction surgery prefered by men offenly and it is one of the five most popular surgeries among men last year according to statistics. Commonly treated areas are the abdomen, lateral parts of the waist and chest.


False Fact 6 : It is only for old people Liposuction

It is a myth that liposuction is only for older people. The truth is that it is a completely healthy and safe procedure for patients of all ages.



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