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The Facts We Didn't Know About Teeth


As we all know, our teeth have great importance for our appearance and help to chew. How about learning a few facts about our teeth we didn't know about?


1. The hardest part of the human body is enamel, not bone. Tooth enamel consists of many mineral layers. It can be damaged, although enamel is stronger than bone.


2. Modern toothpaste has only been used for the last few centuries. Previously, people used substances such as coal, ash, lemon juice, and honey-tobacco mixture to clean their teeth. For example, Egyptians used eggshells to bleach their teeth. The history of modern toothpaste goes back nearly 100 years. The toothbrush used today was invented in 1700.


3. Every tooth is unique. Teeth are like snowflakes or fingerprints. Every tooth in our mouth is completely different from the other. Nobody's teeth are like anyone else. Our teeth also provide a lot of information about you as a record of our age, diet, stress problems, and any illnesses we may have.


4. We can only reach 65% of the tooth surfaces with a toothbrush. Some of the tooth surface areas are in contact with the teeth, and we can only clean these areas with dental floss. If we skip this important step in our oral care routine, we allow mouth bacteria to attach and attack these areas.


5. Milk teeth that start to appear between 2-6 months in babies form when they are in the womb.


6. According to dentists, the brushing time should be 2 minutes. However, according to research, even individuals who care about dental health spend an average of 48 seconds on this job.


7. The visible part of the teeth is only two-thirds. One third is inside the gum.


8. There are more than 300 types of bacteria in the mouth. That's why it's so important you brush your teeth regularly every day.


9. Wisdom tooth does not appear in 35% of people.

10. Maybe you've noticed that whichever hand you're using, you usually eat with that side of you. Naturally, whichever direction you tend, chewing happens in that area.


11. Cheese consumption helps to protect your dental health. White cheese after a breakfast reduces bacteria on your teeth and makes it harder for your teeth to hold plaque.


12. Steamed vegetables make it easier to remove the elements that cause jaundice on your teeth with their texture and moisture content.


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